Anxiety & Stress

If fear or anxiety is preventing you from living the kind of life you want, We can help you to feel comfortable and calm again. 

You can gain control through skills such as relaxation training, stop thinking, exercise, calm breathing, and exploring the way you think and developing healthier coping skills.


If both of you are motivated and willing to work hard, you can reawaken the love, caring, and romance that you and your partner once enjoyed. 

We can help you to develope your communication skills, and explore the self-esteem issues that can impact your relationships.

Depression affects thousands of people in this country.  Depression is more than just sadness or "the blues."  It can have an impact on nearly every aspect of a person's life. 

You can learn to think in ways that help you feel strong and competent in the world.  We can help you learn to cope with life's challenges.

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