Your children are the most important people in your life.  You want to do the best possible job as their parents.  By now, you have probably discovered that it's tougher than you thought.  Give us a call and we can work together to discover what can work for your unique child and your family.  
We encourage teaching children by use of natural and logical consequences.  If they lose a book, they need to work to repay you for the cost.  Another important concept is to praise twice for any negative statement.  If they can play well together, compliment them! Don't wait for things to fall apart before you notice them!
Are you in the process of a divorce or speration and worried about your children? We can help with with this confusing transition.  We do not conduct custody evaluations or appear in court. 
Don't let conflicts with your adolescent destroy your family life, We can help you.  You don't have to suffer with problems like these any longer:  
+ Freqent arguments about how to deal with your teen's behavior
+ Growing resistance from your teen and isolation to his/her room
+  Moods that are more intense than his/her peers
Is you child or teen depressed?  If your child or teen has these symptoms, you should call me for a consultation:
Seems sad much of the time, shows no emotion, suicidal thoughts or actions, irritability, stays isolated from friends or family members, not doing well in school, has lost interest in things he or she once enjoyed, low self-esteem, no eye contact, sleeps too much or too little, less appetite, feels hopeless or guilty.
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